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Sending a firearm to CGW: 

DO NOT ship a firearm to CGW without our Work Order and FFL.  You can obtain our work order and FFL by contacting us via e-mail.  Simply request our W/O and FFL in your correspondence.​​​   Neither our Work Order form nor FFL can be downloaded from our website.  We are only accepting work on modern CZ's (75/85/Shadow/P-01/PCR/RAMI/97B-BD, etc. and Canik's).

Defensive Carry Package
Our most popular in-shop upgrade for your CZ.  We completely disassemble your CZ and install our superior quality engineered Made in the USA Cajun Gun Works parts.  We then polish, fit, and tune your CZ to achieve it's highest level of performance.  Here is a list of the work performed:
* New EDM hammer heat treated to RC53
* New Billet sear for manual safety CZ's
* 61050 "Perfection" series firing pin
* 61100 spring steel FP retaining pin
* ​​​​TR-PIN tool steel floating trigger pin
* RP-TRS reduced power trigger spring
* Short Reset System (SRS)​​
* New super hard RC60 hammer pins
* Springs are premium music wire
* ​​Internals mirror polished
* Action is tuned
* Timing is checked and corrected
* Action is electronically gauged
* ​​​​All OEM parts are returned
These are the OEM parts removed & returned
(parts for manual safety version shown)​
These are the superior CGW parts
(parts for manual safety version shown)​
 Includes return FedEx shipping to your door!!

      Turn around is approximately 4 weeks​​

    E-mail CGW for our Work Order and FFL​​
     Delivers a crisp 3.3 - 3.5 lb. SA
Double-action is 8 lbs. perfectly smooth
            linear & non-stacking​​
Your CZ's reliability is not compromised in any way; the Defensive Carry Package delivers stunning performance with no sacrifice in ammo selection.
Simply the most incredible upgrade package for your CZ.  The Pro-Package includes all the great features of the Defensive Carry Package, but with the added benefits of our exclusive TriPlex trigger system for only $88.00 more.  The TriPlex is a fully engineered, multi-faceted trigger system that has no peer.  The TriPlex combines 3 CGW innovations into a integrated system:  
                                                                                    ​1)  Short Reset System (included in Defensive Carry Package)
                                                                                    ​2)  1485-T2 "Hybrid" disconnector  
                                                                                    ​3)  Reach Reduction System, moves the trigger reward 5mm's

Reach Reduction - relocates the at rest position of the trigger an amazing 5.0mm's, plus reduces the DA's total stroke 15%.  When combined with our professional action polishing, premium USA Made music wire springs, the felt DA is fantastic.  Now you can literally bounce tin cans at 25 yards in DA. 

Short Reset System - proven on thousands of CZ's.  Cuts the factory SA reset from 6.0 - 6.5mm's down to an amazing 3.0 - 3.5mm's.  This allows for effortless double-taps, while retaining the excellent CZ firing pin block safety.  The SRS  reset is only 1.0 - 1.5mm's longer than a Shadow's.

1485-T2 "Hybrid" Disconnector - This part STOPS the trigger the moment it resets.  Now your CZ will have a total SA trigger movement of an astonishing  3.5 - 4.0mm's.  ​​ The difference is simply amazing and must be experienced to be believed.    ​​
You get all these benefits for only $88.00 extra.  Price includes return FedEx to your door.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Contacting CGW
M - F 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Weekends for technical support
Parts shipping fees:

  $1.00  -  $30.00  =  $3.00

$30.01  -  $50.00  =  $5.00

$50.01  -  UP        =  $6.00​​​​

       214 Chimney Hill Road
       West Monroe LA 71291​​
BREAKING NEWS:We now offer the Ultimate Pro-Package for the P-07/09, see the P07 / P-09 Pro-Package webpage!!