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Contacting CGW
M - F 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Weekends for technical support
Parts shipping fees:

  $1.00  -  $30.00  =  $3.00

$30.01  -  $50.00  =  $5.00

$50.01  -  UP        =  $6.00​​​​

       214 Chimney Hill Road
       West Monroe LA 71291​​
Christmas Schedule for 2014
We are asking our customers to delay shipping firearms to CGW from 12-15-14 through 12-26-14.  This is the busiest time of year for UPS, FEDEX, and USPS.  We feel this is not a good time period to ship your valuable firearms since the likelihood of loss or damage will be much greater.

We are also trying to clear out a backlog of work, reorganize, and restructure to improve our efficiency and communication for 2015.  ​​

New Things for 2015
* We will be launching a new website in December 2015, it will be simple, user friendly, and will be a huge improvement over our old website. 

* We will launch a new higher end custom series CZ, the CopperHead, available in many different models.  ​​

* Sphinx services and parts will also be available in 2015.​​

* We have been working on grips, sights, and other new items.  The sights we have designed have been slow into production since all of the best vendors are so busy.  That's why they are the best, so we would rather do it right with the right resources than to speed things along and compromise.​​
We will continue to receive ship website orders, take orders over the phone, answer tech calls, and assist our customers as usual, we simply request the shipping of firearms be delayed until after the Christmas rush and cybershopping has ended.