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Contacting CGW
M - F 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Weekends for technical support
Parts shipping fees:

  $1.00  -  $30.00  =  $3.00

$30.01  -  $50.00  =  $5.00

$50.01  -  UP        =  $6.00​​​​

       214 Chimney Hill Road
       West Monroe LA 71291​​
CGW is expanding it's customer service base.  We now have 2 dedicated phone numbers if you need to contact us. 

If you have product questions, want to place an order, or need a special part custom tailored to your needs, call us. 

                 318-372-9050                    318-614-7003​​​​​​  ​​

                                Custom Gunsmithing Work 

​​                              Please note delivery on all shop work is 7 - 8 weeks

​                       On slide work please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks turn around
Please note:Any and all refunds for parts or firearm related work does not include shipping or freight.  Purchasing parts or firearms work means you understand and are aware of this policy.  No refunds can be given on altered or modified parts.  If you have questions, please contact our tech support line if you need help with the installation of any CGW items.
                                               A NOTE ON PARTS ORDERS

The majority of the time we ship internet and phone orders within 24 hours.   On occasion we may not be able to process and ship an order for up to 36 - 48 hours if we have to machine a part or assemble a parts kit, so this may take extra time.   Our goal is to keep your shipping fees as low as possible and still provide excellent service.   CGW does not believe in making money on shipping fees.  

However, lately we have not gotten consistent service from USPS.  So please do not call us for tracking numbers or to see if an order has shipped.  99.99% of the time orders are received on the customers end with no issue.  USPS indicates Priority Mail or 1st Class mail may take up to 10 days.  So we ask that you please be patient.
        We are currently not accepting any additional work for May, 2015

We are not accepting any additional work for the remainder of May.   We sincerely apologize, but we have to manage our work load and monitor our quality.  If you have already shipped, we will accept your item.  We will update receipt of future work as soon as we can.     However we will continue to accept orders for new CZ's out of our inventory, as well as parts orders.

                                                                       Our goal is quality, not quantity.​​​​

Shipping a Firearm to CGW

We do not post our work order, shipping guide, and FFL on our website.  Why not?  Because we would receive many firearms we do not work on.  So we screen what our customers send in so no one's time and shipping fees are wasted.  So please send CGW an e-mail and let us know what you wish to send ship.  We accept work for modern CZ's excluding the 82/83 series.  We also provide services for the Canik/TriStar and Sphinx SDP pistols.  ​​